Designing and manufacturing a complete line of high precision selective soldering machines, lead tinning equipment, and solderability test machines

Hentec/RPS manufactures solderability test machines, lead tinning devices, and high-precision selective soldering equipment all around the world. Since the 1990s, the organization has developed and produced whole lines of high precision select soldering gear for electronics assembly and PCB manufacturing. They provide a wide range of component testing technologies along with steam aging devices for circuit board manufacturing and electronics. All products are produced in the United States with steel welded structures and factory direct calibration that pass CE and UL standards.


The Hentec/RPS selective soldering devices are known for their sturdy construction and capacity to handle high mix and higher volume workloads. With servo motor control for speed and accuracy and closed loop temperature management for optimum thermal performance. They support a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, military, communications, auto makers, industrial OEMs, medical device manufacturers, and contract producers.

Hentec/RPS Engineering Team designs revolutionary, first-rate components and machinery. With their extensive expertise, the Hentec/RPS Production team exceeds demanding regulations as well as clients' needs for reliability and innovation.