Thermal Process Experts Who Make Ovens Smarter

KIC is an international technology organization that has been in the reflow oven business for many years. To make reflow ovens smarter, the company designs, produces, and supplies thermal profiling equipment, automated profiling solutions, and reflow profile optimization software. Headquartered in San Diego, KIC has offices across the globe, including China, Italy, Singapore, and Spain.


KIC's revolutionary reflow technology has propelled them to the forefront of process control equipment for contract manufacturing companies throughout the world in just 20 years. This focus on excellence was recognized by 5 esteemed awards—showing that client satisfaction is the top priority at KIC. KIC profiling products are used to regulate and validate production processes in reflow ovens and wave solder machines.

KIC is an industry frontrunner devoted to staying ahead of advancements in technology. They have enhanced the capabilities of existing gear by offering more than merely optimizing reflow ovens or wave solder machines. As part of its efforts to improve installed equipment capabilities and to offer generous trade-up allowances, KIC has developed a Smart Factory Starter Kit.

The platform connects data from every oven to the factory network, enabling real-time data over your manufacturing line with analytics and machine learning technologies. In an era of the ‘smart factory’, electronics manufacturing is moving toward a flexible and efficient operation that relies on large quantities of data. KIC addresses this tendency by making it simple for clients to grasp how to best connect their facilities with these developments, ensuring you reap the benefits immediately.

KIC also is an industry resource for training operators and engineers on reflow profiling techniques. Let KIC educate your SMT process engineering staff. Contact [companyname] to learn more about KIC.