Thermal Technology

Thermal Technology is a world pioneer in the design and manufacture of thermal processing equipment.

Thermal Technology

Thermal Technology's clients come from various sectors like aerospace, medical, lighting and industrial manufacturing with capabilities like aircraft turbine blades, life-saving coronary stents, artificial joints, orthodontia and high intensity discharge (HID) lighting.

The company was established by engineers who spotted a possibility to utilize their expertise to create heaters and gear for growing areas where metallurgical tech hadn’t previously been utilized.

Thermal Technology produces: Crystal Growth furnaces, Direct Current Sintering furnaces, Vacuum furnaces, and Hot Press furnaces. Thermal Technology manufactures furnaces ranging in size from 5 ton to 800 ton.

With over 30 years in the industry and thousands of installations worldwide, Thermal Technology is able to design solutions for your unique thermal processing requirements. All solutions are built from first-rate materials and components by our expert workforce that is located at our California headquarters.

They are committed to providing the best furnace systems for demanding applications with our decades of experience, process knowledge, full-factory testing, installation assistance and aftermarket support.