June 25, 2021

PRESS RELEASE | Frost & Sullivan Best Practices 

Panasonic developed and designed its Logiscend software suite to provide value directly into its IIoT products and services, offering the flexibility to seemlessly adapt the newest IoT hardware traversing different customer processes. Currently, the company is adding to the scale of its operation to support the transport of materials between factories for complex manufacturing requirements. Moreover, the company is using the workflow library to set up Logiscend for a solution-as-a-service model.

Every year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the provider that has innovated an element in a product via cutting-edge technologies. The award acknowledges the value-added features and benefits of the product and the increased ROI (return on investmnet) it provides customers, thus improving customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

Learn more about the innovative practices of the Panasonic Logiscend System below.

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