For over 20 years, Restronics has been providing ESD assistance to its clients. Audits are performed by our experienced team according to the EOS/ESD 20.20 criteria. We hold the resources and technology needed to undertake an audit and help end users address areas that do not meet standards. There are dissimilar customer requirements for semiconductor producers compared from those makers of low-tech hardware. Our specialists can advise you on the best methods to satisfy the necessary regulations.

From ESD matting material to grounding and testing equipment, our team has access to and is familiar with a wide range of ESD supplies and accessories. In many organizations, persistent ESD monitoring is regarded as more practical instead of having workers physically test them at a central test station on a daily basis. In the face of increasing sensitivity of our customers’ products to ESD concerns, checking wrist bands once or twice daily is no longer adequate to provide great confidence in grounding. Moreover, continuous monitoring guarantees that benches and ESD mats are properly grounded, eliminating the requirement for a facility employee to test every work bench on a a monthly basis. ESD monitoring eliminates the need to keep paper or digital records of all employees.

Personnel grounding material, non-static workstation supplies and equipment, ESD packaging goods like metalized bags and moisture barrier bags, and ESD handling boxes for carrying ESD sensitive components for in-plant usage and shipping products are all available. ESD flooring (either utilizing ESD wax or installing permanent ESD tiles) are a typical base for every ESD program.

Furthermore, ESD and non-static generation are becoming more meaningful in biomedical manufacturing, server farms, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. ESD protection is growing more and more significant in each of these areas.

ESD control measures can be implemented with the help of Restronics. Whether it is one or two workbenches, or an entire facility, we can help.