An organized and well-equipped workbench is essential for worker productivity. Using old, broken-down tables that are sagging and lack overhead shelving and lighting makes assembly time inefficient, leads to losing tools, and leads to poor ergonomics which may lead to operator injuries. Operator health and safety are on all companies' radars these days, so companies are rapidly improving workbench designs to address ergonomic effectiveness and productivity. When an operator's workspace is organized properly, it leads to more efficient production and better ability to ensure a worker's health.

Workbenches require proper lighting, either overhead LED lighting or a task light mounted on the bench. Electrostatic discharge mats and monitoring should be considered for static-sensitive operations. There are also programmable torque-controlled screwdrivers and even shadow trays that are commonly used by high-reliability manufacturers to ensure that all tools are accounted for at the end of each shift. Restronics offers a wide range of tools and equipment for outfitting workbenches for electronics assembly operations. The full range of soldering equipment, benchtop ionizers, ESD monitoring equipment, and precision pliers and cutters for PCB assembly and rework.

Our workbenches can be customized to fit any size and height. We generally include shelves to get supplies off the worksurface, such as flat screen monitor arms and keyboard trays, which consume space on the bench if left on the surface. A tiltable test instrument shelf is another useful device for freeing up bench space and decluttering the operator's workspace.

With many tasks and operators that need to stand, all of our workbenches are height-adjustable, some with hand cranks and some with electric lifts. This is ideal when companies have different operators using a common workspace that can accommodate different operators' preferences. Now is the time to consider looking at improving all your workbenches. A good looking and new layout will show your employees and customers that your company is investing in its people.