The Most Precise Cut For Hardwire Applications

Lindstrom is the world's longest continuous manufacturer of hand tools. Founded in 1856, Lindström has set the standard for precision and development by listening to and collaborating with their clientele. They maintain their competitive advantage to this day via technical competence, attentiveness to customer needs, and commitment to advanced technology. This internationally recognized manufacturer is known for its metallurgy, manufacturing techniques, and highly talented craftspeople.

Lindstrom Tools

Lindström is also a major provider of tools in the electronic manufacturing field. Their top-tier devices are utilized in the production of electrical circuit boards. They provide a full array of cutters, tweezers, pliers, nippers as well as other specialty tools.

Lindström is proud to be an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of hand tools. All products undergo rigorous testing prior to shipment ensuring the utmost level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Lindström equipment offer top-tier components, precision craftsmanship and ergonomic comfortable handles. They provide superior edge quality and guarantee everlasting sharpness on their products.