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The ASYS Group is an international technology firm and leading supplier of machinery for the electronics, energy, and life science markets. With over 3 decades of engineering excellence expertise, the ASYS Group pledges high-grade products that meet the needs of customers all around the world. To reach this main objective, the ASYS Group has made significant investments in research & development (R&D) to produce advanced innovations that are as efficient as possible.

ASYS Group

Today, ASYS is recognized as a prime supplier of integrated technology and customized automation solutions across a wide range of market segments, like depaneling, screen printing, PCB handling and conveying, laser marking and additional innovative surface mount technology.

The ASYS Group is a global technology company and leading supplier of machines for the electronics, energy and life science industries. The ASYS brand guarantees the same high quality and processing standards worldwide.
The roots of the ASYS Group are in automation. The initial idea of offering standard systems for handling in electronics production marked the beginning of a steep success curve. In the meantime, the ASYS Group covers 75 percent of an electronics production with its products. The initial urge to automate is becoming established in all product developments.
With a total of five subsidiaries, the ASYS Group is able to cover a broad portfolio. This enables us not only to supply our customers with everything from a single source, but also to make a high quality promise.

The company currently utilizes more than 1300 individuals globally and is engaged in over 40 countries on all 5 continents. ASYS has been continuously expanding its product portfolio for more than 25 years