Zestron, Inc. is a global integrated market leader of high precision cleaning products and services. For over 20 years, they have been creating and manufacturing high-quality cleaning solutions to meet their customers' needs in these sectors: medical device, electronics manufacturing, military and aerospace, and semiconductor manufacturing. Flux cleaning and soils removal is a Zestron specialty.


Founded in 1972, Zestron has evolved into a multinational firm with facilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. With over 1,000 workers globally, they are one of the world’s top manufacturers of industrial technology for drying and surface preparation operations along with system technology that boosts product quality.

They have positioned themselves as a world renowned provider for several industries such as food processing lines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SEM), and solar cell manufacturing equipment (CMP).

On-site application engineers, comprehensive cleaning solutions for both SMT and semicon packaging applications, and the ability to provide a full variety of contract services like as hire/buy agreements, end-of-life recycling alternatives, and repairs are all part of Zestron's expertise.

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