Industrial grade PCB & flux cleaners
Industrial grade PCB and flux cleaners for the electronics manufacturing industry that are designed and built in the US.
Austin American Technology
Austin American Technology (AAT) manufactures and builds industrial grade cleaners for the electronics assembly industry. Their cleaners are based on scientific principles of cleaning. AAT is a leading manufacturer of Batch Cleaners, In-Line Cleaners, Solvent Cleaners, Stencil Cleaners, and many other types of cleaners using modern technology. AAT cleaners are used in several industries, including automotive, medical, military, and aerospace, for the following applications: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cleaning, Surface-Mount Technology (SMT), Stencil and Misprint, Flip Chip, and BGA. All cleaners are manufactured and built to each customers’ specific needs in Austin Texas. AAT invests in technology in order to maintain efficiency and reduce costs.
As PCB’s become more complex and component density increases, cleaning of soils and flux residues must be cleaned in order to insure long term reliability. Many high-reliability applications need to be properly cleaned before conformal coating can be applied. AAT has been designing and building cleaning equipment dedicated to the electronics assembly industry for more than 30 years. Their experienced sales and support team are ready to answer any applications or processing questions. With a full range of batch and in-line cleaners aqueous-based cleaners, solvent cleaning machines, and stencil cleaners they have the ability to scale the equipment to meet any needs.