Kurtz Ersa VERSAPRINT- The only stencil printer on the market with integrated 3D-SPI
Stencil printing just might be the most important process in electronics manufacturing. It’s estimated that ~65% of errors in the SMD process happen at the paste print stage. No wonder companies invest a lot of capital in solder inspection tools (SPI).
Kurtz - Ersa

Well, what if solder inspection- 3D solder inspection could be done right at the printer. In the same unit, in the same process step? Kurtz Ersa VERSAPRINT family combine state of the art stencil printing with full blown 3D SPI. They are the only stencil printers that can perform this function in the same unit. This is not just a camera in the printer box, it is full 3D LIST camera performing all the functions that standalone post-print 3D-SPI tools perform. But kurtz ersa does in the same unit, using the same software platform, one consistent operator process, and single footprint on your factory floor. And it will inspect your stencils for defects, damage or clogging.


Kurtz ersa is one of the electronic industry’s most innovative equipment makers. Their line of VERSAPRINT products is a great example of German engineering, quality and innovation

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