Leading manufacture of semiconductor curing ovens and reflow ovens

Heller Industries, founded in 1960, was a pioneer in the development of convection reflow soldering ovens for the electronics field. Heller has been enhancing and innovating these ovens since 1980 in order to satisfy the demands of their clients. Their commitment to their customer's success has helped them retain their standing as one of Relow’s most prominent players. Heller Industries is still leading oven tech, and they continuously make an effort to push forward with innovative ideas. Client-responsive product innovation is a significant aspect of their management philosophy, which entails being aware of industry problems and producing new concepts based on client feedback. In this process, Heller has developed many of its most important innovations.


Heller’s reflow ovens are manufactured in 5-zone, 7-zone, 9-zone, 10-zone, and 13-zone variants. They also offer vacuum reflow ovens for void reduction as well as vertical ovens and curing ovens.

Heller's consistent global success can be attributed to their reliability. During the lifecycle of your product, Heller acts as a single point of contact for sales, engineering, and support, allowing you to resolve any issue that exists. Heller is committed to offering the corporate and professional world with first-class ovens. The organization utilizes pioneering tech in manufacturing, production systems, engineering expertise, and management principles which have been stable for 58 years.