PCB Solder Stencils Specialized for High Volume Production

BlueRing Stencils is a notable stencil producer in North America. They specialize in manufacturing and distributing choice laser cut stencils, paste transfer increasing nano-coatings, printing accessories, and stencil development/styling services for the circuit board assembling business.

BlueRing Stencils

The firm operates 7 production and research facilities throughout the United States and has outstanding land freight delivery capabilities that enable it to serve 90% of the market in a single business day.

BlueRing Stencils is firm that was started in 2017 from the union of two major SMT stencil production firms, Metal Etching Technology and Fine Line Stencils. As a result of the union, these firms can deliver cutting-edge stencil equipment all while expanding their commercial presence throughout the United States.

The company is also partnered with Stone Mountain Tool for custom process pallets and FCT Solder for all solder pastes, alloys fluxes and bar solder.

With BlueRing Stencils, you'll receive the premium quality print for your specific assembly method. BlueRing's ideology of providing goods and services which transcend standards has prompted major investments in the best technology, as well as develop several of the most qualified team members with decades of surface mount expertise. Their understanding of the demand for small components, high reliability, and strict quality control are what make BlueRing’s stencils unique.